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Lark Group – Builders

Construction is at the heart of Lark’s expertise. We are actively involved in all construction sectors and offer comprehensive services for the end-to-end development of industrial and commercial buildings. Our capabilities span consulting, planning, permitting, design and engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, and facility management. 

At the Lark Group, we specialize in fast-track, design-assist, and design-build solutions that seamlessly integrate design, construction, and building operations. We prioritize best life cycle cost over low component costs, ensuring that our projects are not only cost-effective but also sustainable in the long run. Our construction methods enable us to meet even the most demanding schedules and budgets, guaranteeing successful outcomes for our clients. 

We greatly value our long-term relationships and partnerships with governments, health authorities, lenders, owners, operators, consultants, and sub-contractors. These connections are instrumental in our success in both public and private sector projects. With a focus on achieving positive results, we skillfully coordinate and manage competing demands to find optimal solutions that satisfy all project stakeholders. These win-win arrangements foster enduring relationships, eliminate risks, and make the entire process rewarding and enjoyable for everyone involved. 

No matter the type of building or specific design requirements, the experienced team at Lark is well-equipped to effectively provide tailor-made solutions that meet our clients’ project needs.