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Building Information Modeling

Lark has made significant advances with BIM modelling in recent years. Using a design model from the Architect, Structural Engineer, Mechanical Engineer and Electrical Engineer a BIM model is produced. From that model, costing and scheduling are created. From the consultant’s models, we produce a BIM Construction model for clash detection, constructability, scheduling and costing. These are referred to as 3D (construction Model, 4D (scheduling), and 5D (costing). This model is continually updated throughout the life-cycle of the project incorporating all revisions throughout the life of the project contract.

We utilize our proven, fully integrated 3D, 4D and 5D BIM technologies and workflow to control the project from design through to completion.

Lark has taken the initiative to be at the forefront of BIM technology in order to maximize the value that BIM brings to Owners. We call this True BIM. It starts with our in-house capability to produce accurate Construction models, building the model in detail floor by floor and adding construction means and methods. We use schedules within Revit to monitor the design development and Trimble Vico software and processes to control 4D (scheduling) and 5D (costs). Vico is the most integrated BIM software and any changes to the model automatically update the impact on cost and schedule.

The “As-Built” BIM model at a Level of Development (LOD) 500, is populated with relevant building component information such as product data, O&M manuals, cut sheet specifications and warranty data.

From Design Development to the completion of Construction Documents, the models are continually compared for clash detection to assist with coordination. On a number of projects, we have been shown to reduce the number of RFIs and changes during construction significantly.

We log and track every clash and constructability issue until each is resolved.

During construction, we use 3D models to enhance communication and as a reference for dimensions and elevations. In congested ceiling spaces, we often produce colour-coded construction drawings for Mechanical and Plumbing layouts, using accurate information from the fully coordinated Mechanical model.